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    He went to ISU and Drake (undergrad and grad school, respectively). He appears on the popular podcast The Appendix N Podcast, which features stories from Conan the Barbarian's life.


    Peter has been featured on EbizNews where he discusses how to interact with clients. “Forging commercial partnerships is an important aspect of the entrepreneur's role,” says Peter Foxhoven. “In every field, you need contacts with other professionals—but most importantly, with your consumers.


    Whether B2B, B2C, or D2C, you must understand your clients' demands and be prepared to address them.


    According to Peter Foxhoven, there are five basic ways to engage with customers:

    Know Your Audience - Building a relationship with someone you don't know is difficult, says Foxhoven. Prior to testing thoughts on what would appeal to the target audience, he advises identifying their genuine pain issues and motivators.


    Maintain Ongoing Communication - Transparency and authenticity require constant communication. Even if the news is bad, be honest, urges Foxhoven. Customers will get frustrated and lose faith in your brand if left guessing.


    Assess and improve – Listen to your consumers' feedback. Checking in or submitting a survey is a great method to gauge their opinion. Do not take anything literally. To establish a more significant business, listen anytime there is potential for improvement.


    Many firms seek to overpromise and then fail to deliver. Instead, Foxhoven advises against making promises you can't deliver. Promise just what you are confident in, he says. Then deliver quicker, better, or cheaper than promised. Doing more than you promise earns you huge kudos with everyone you work with or for.”


    For Peter Foxhoven, becoming an expert in building up professional knowledge and skills until you are regarded as an expert. Foxhoven thinks expertise is essential to becoming a trusted authority. Finding your specialty within your sector can help you attract the correct audience who can appreciate what you have to offer.

    Conan the Barbarian battles wicked wizards and seeks wealth in deep, dark dungeons.
    Without his hot podcasts, Peter likes spending time with his lovely wife and family.


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